The Merits of Impact Crusher in Artificial Sand Making

The vertical shaft impact crusher, also known as the sand maker, is a high quality equipment, innovated and researched combined with the actual situation of domestic and international advanced level in all areas. This sand maker has the advantages of high efficiency in coarse crushing and fine crushing; new and unique structure and convenient operation; less dust and energy saving; suitable for buildings and facilities, artificial sand and cement.

At present, the manufacturing level of the crusher equipment in our country has entered the ranks of the international producing countries. Faced with the western development, high-speed railway, the vigorous process of urbanization, sand maker plays an important role as the pioneer, which not only protects the market demand for sand and aggregate, but also drives the innovation and reform of crusher industry.

The new sand making machine, replacing the traditional manufacturing process, has become the indispensable sand equipment in aggregates industry. Under the motivation of infrastructure construction boom, to strengthen management of sand making equipment in technology upgrading, quality improvement and performance stability, could make the equipment development towards automation and intelligence and open a new road for the production of sand and gravel aggregate to meet the broad needs of the market.

In the promotion of rapid economic development, mobile crusher industry has accounted for half of the market and is gradually entering the international level. However, in the process of growth and maturity, some problems like wide gap and poor quality are slowly prominent and become a fatal bottleneck restricting the development of crusher industry.

1. The quality is unpredictable and the brand is mixed and in disorder

Throughout the domestic crushing industry market, small and medium-sized crusher enterprises are numerous, and the competition is increasingly fierce. For an enterprise, quality is the life and the brand is an important added value. Therefore, improving product quality and casting the brand in the world is the only way for the development of crusher industry.

2. The low technical content

In the 12th Five-Year Plan period, energy-saving and emission reduction have been the most important pressure. Crusher industry, as an important support for infrastructure construction, plays an indispensable role in the modernization. The technical content of traditional crusher is low, which can neither meet the needs of the market, nor reduce the environmental protection pressure. It has become the breakthrough development-orientation for crusher industry to actively introduce advanced technology and talents, to improve the technological content of products, to independently develop low energy consumption, small dust and high usage crusher equipment.

3. Big but not strong

Our country is big crushing machinery manufacturing country, with our products accounting for about half of the total output. But we are not perfect in all respects. Compared with the international advanced level, our crusher industry is big but not strong. Faced with such status, domestic crusher enterprises need transformation and upgrading, adhering to the powerful combination and seeking the path of international development, so as to achieve “going out” development of crusher industry.

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