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LED Looking alot Like Lighting’s Future 5104

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

25 that New York-based ForceField Energy (OTCQQB: FNRG) had signed a letter of intent to acquire a 60 percent interest in 1-800 NY Bulbs. The combination seems to make sense. During its 25 years of existence, Bulbs has more than 8,000 commercial clients, is an authorized dealer and distributor of GE Lighting Products and has projected about $5 million in revenue in 2013, according to the press release announcing the letter of intent. ForceField is focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency and LED (Light Emitting Diode) products. LED lights are the latest in modern technology and energy efficiency, but have been slow to become the standard in households because of their price, according to Time magazine . But the Time report suggests LED prices are coming down. Also, the Energy Independence and Security Act, passed in 2007, requires lightbulbs to become more energy efficient and has led to the phasing out of standard 100-watt and 75-watt incandescent bulbs, with the 60-watt and 40-watt bulbs to follow. So the day of the LED light could be near, as could be an intriguing jolt of energy to small cap lighting companies.luoqiyin666

FNRG is a lightly-traded, $87 million market cap, pink sheet company with a 52-week trading range of $2.20-$5.64. It is also involved in transforming waste heat from manufacturing and other sources into electricity. It owns 51 percent of TransPacific Energy Inc. FNRG closed April 26 at $5.35, no change for the day. Charlotte, NC-based Revolution Lighting Technologies designs, manufactures and sells commercial grade LED replacement light bulbs and LED-based signage under the Array Lighting and Lumificient brands (Lumificient Corporation is a subsidiary). It was formerly called Nexxus Lighting and operates mainly in the global commercial, hospitality, institutional, retail and sign markets. RVLT closed April 29 at a 52-week high of $4.01, up 45 cents for the day with a market cap of $140 million. Its 52-week trading range is $0.11-$4.01. Cincinnati-based LSI Industries is a different take on an LED lighting company. LYTS creates LED video screens and LED specialty lighting for sports stadiums and arenas, digital billboards and entertainment companies. Its 52-week trading range is $5.81-$7.77. It closed April 29 at $7.09, up 18 cents for the day, with a market cap of $170 million. Solon, OH-based Energy Focus Inc makes LED lighting products as well as products based fiber optic and other energy-efficient technologies. EFOI focuses on the government and public sector markets, as well as the general commercial and pool markets. Its 52-week trading range is $0.16-$0.40. It closed April 29 at $0.22, up 3 cents for the day, with a market cap of $8.4 million.For more information, please visit wholesale led string lights

gogotarget – $15 for an iPhone 5 Bundle with Earphones, USB Cable, 8 to 30-Pin Adapter and Screen Protector -Tax Included (75% Off) 576

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

TeamBuy is featuring a great deal to gogotarget today. For only $15, you’ll get an iPhone 5 Bundle with Earphones, USB Cable, 8 to 30-Pin Adapter and Screen Protector -Tax Included! That’s a saving of 75% Off! You can stock up on the deal as you may buy up to 10 vouchers for personal use and 10 as gifts & the vouchers will NEVER expire! Shipping charge $5. Highlights Do your high-tech device justice with these great accessories. All you need to stay charged, connected and protected! Products designed for optimal use with the iPhone 5. Perfect opportunity to pick up all the essentials in a convenient package. This is a limited 2-day only sale that will expire at midnight on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. Click here to buy now or for more information about the deal. Quantities are limited so don’t miss out! Buy Details Includes earphones, a USB cable, a 8 to 30-pin adapter and a screen protector for the iPhone 5. Max 10 per person. Max 10 as gifts. Tax included. Shipping charge: $5. Expected Shipping Time: 3-4 Weeks. Return Policy: This item is final sale and non-returnable. Expiry Date: No Expiry gogotarget What You’re Getting: $15 for an iPhone 5 Bundle with Earphones, USB Cable, 8 to 30-Pin Adapter and Screen Protector -Tax Included ($59 Value) Features/Specifications: Earphones include built-in mic and volume control. 3-foot USB cable lets you charge and use the device comfortably at the same time. Adapter connects 8-pin plugs (like your USB) to tons of other 30-pin devices. Quality screen guard forms a solid seal, and avoids the “bubbles” that can form under other screens. You can easily attach and remove the screen guard without any adhesive.luoqiyin666

How You Get It: Purchase your TeamBuy. Pay shipping charge and enter in your address information.For more information, please visit long iphone 5 cable

KABOOYOW – RC Plane Crashes Into A Tiny RC Helicopter and RC cars & Is Totally Destroyed 403

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Those of you who have a penchant for watching action-packed YouTube videos that feature accidental demolition, destruction and collisions will undoubtedly enjoy this video that shows a RC plane smash into smithereens after an ill-fated crash with a mini-RC helicopter. The crash took place at the Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Sky Park (catchy name) and involved a World Models 80″ Mitsubishi Zero with a Fuji-Imvac 50 cc gas EI engine and a 450 size electric helicopter.luoqiyin666

The plane’s wing catches the little heli and goes hurtling into the runway below – in the background, the operators shock and bitter disappointment is just about audible. As we all know RC aircrafts aren’t exactly cheap and judging from the carnage in the clip, we don’t really think a repair job is an option! For more information, please visit Cheap RC cars

LG Readies Firefox smartphone watch 429

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, on Monday launched Optimus L-series II smartphones – LG L7 II Dual and L3 II dual, its next generation of Optimus L series devices. The widely successful L Series has evolved to include contemporary design aesthetics and innovations that improve on the original. With more than 10 million Optimus L Series phones sold in the first 10 months, L Series II looks to continue this momentum with its sophisticated style and differentiated features. These new smartphones add four new design elements to LG’s design philosophy- Seamless Layout with minimalistic contours and graceful edges, Laser Cut Contour for elite craftsmanship with elite laser-etched details, Radiant Rear Design with pebble-like accents and Smart LED Lighting on the home button. According to Amit Gujral, Head Marketing, LG Mobiles, “The smartphone market is growing at an incredible pace, and the global mobile subscribers is predicted to touch 3.9 billion in 2017. India is catching up fast to this smartphone race and, according to Gartner, mobile device sales in India are forecast to reach 251 million units in 2013, an increase of 13.5 percent over 2012 sales. With the launch of LG Optimus L7 II Dual and L3 II Dual, LG plans to reap the benefits of the intense smartphone demand in India, as well as to build on its heritage of technological innovation.” The newly launched mid-range smartphones are the latest addition to LG’s Optimus family line-up. Both the gadgets sport a brilliant True IPS display, support dual SIM and run on the latest Android Jelly Bean. While the 4.3 inch L7 II Dual has a 1 GHz Dual Core processor, the 3.2 inch L3 II Dual runs on a speedy 1 GHz processor. L Series II also offers an expanded set of user-convenient features including those unique to LG smartphones such as QuickMemo and Safety Care. luoqiyin666

LG Optimus L7 II Dual The LG Optimus L7 II Dual is a top of the range smartphone which features a 1 GHz dual- core processor, 4 GB internal memory, 2,460 mAH battery and a 4.3 inch IPS display with 400 x 800 pixel resolution. The 8MP camera comes with LED Flash and is capable of taking pictures via Voice Commands with CheeseShutter. Since the phone supports dual SIM, its Quick Switch Hot Key makes switching between both the SIMs effortless also Smart Forwarding function helps you to manage calls between both the SIMs. The L7 II smartphone comes with some very useful apps that are typical of LG phones, like the QuickTranslator, which can recognize a foreign language and translate it into a language of your choice, the QSlide, which promotes multi-tasking by allowing you run two functions simultaneously and Live LG Mobile TV which allow you to watch 50+ live channels on the go. LG Optimus L3 II Dual Optimus L3II Dual advances the styling and convenience of the original Optimus L3 smartphone with a new flair that complements its user experience. The LG Optimus L3 II Dual sports a 3.2 inch IPS display and functions on a single-core 1 GHz processor. It packs a 1,540 mAH battery and runs the latest Android Jelly Bean. The dual SIM device also brings on board a 3MP rear camera and 4GB of internal storage. The smartphone comes loaded with features like- Smart Forwarding, which helps manage calls between both the SIMs, Safety Care feature which can make quick contact to selected persons in urgent situation through Emergency Call Forwarding and My Location Notice, and LG’s QuickMemo app for an easy way to jot down notes. The smartphone trend is on a continuous rise as industry reports suggest that Smartphone sales are expected to extend their strong growth trend in 2013 with some 918 million units worldwide, led by gains in big emerging markets China, Brazil and India. The research firm IDC said 2013 will be the first year smartphones will outsell the more basic feature phones in the mobile market, and will account for 50.1 percent of all mobile phones. Further India is expected to become the number three market for smartphones by 2017, and Brazil will be fourth, as they overtake mature markets like Japan and Britain. Keeping the current market trends in mind, and anticipating the future growth , LG’s latest Optimus L7 II Dual and L3 II Dual smartphones have been launched to help fulfill a consumer’s basic tech needs and advanced inspirations in mid tier.For more information, please visit tracfone smartphones

HTC One review The smartphone that changes everything 443

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

With smartphones, as with any category of consumer electronics, we have no choice but to accept compromises. This has been the case throughout the history of cell phones and it continues to hold true even with best handsets on the market today. Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 5 features a class-leading design with fast, smooth software, but it has a comparatively small display and lacks some of the great new functionality we’ve seen introduced on other platforms in recent years. The Samsung (005930) Galaxy S III is a sleek handset with a stunning screen and a great feature set, but it feels like a cheap toy, as does its successor. Nokia’s (NOK) Lumia 920 packs plenty of punch in a sleek package, but it’s thick and heavy, and it is missing a boatload of top apps. It’s inevitable — some level of compromise is inherent in all smartphones. BGR reviewed the international version of HTC’s (2498) upcoming flagship smartphone late last month. We loved it. Other early reviewers concurred; the HTC One received critical acclaim across the board. While HTC’s success with the upcoming HTC One is anything but certain considering the stiff competition and massive marketing budgets HTC faces from rivals like Apple and Samsung, there’s a reason this new phone has been adored so widely by early reviewers. It’s not just the impeccable design. It’s not just the sleek unibody aluminum case. It’s not just the fantastic construction. It’s not just the dramatically improved Sense software suite. It’s not just the great features baked into Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. It’s something more than all that.luoqiyin666

The HTC One is the closest thing we have ever seen to a no-compromise smartphone. It this regard, the HTC One changes everything we have come to accept with smartphones, and with consumer electronics in general. You don’t have to have a cheap-feeling plastic phone like the Galaxy S III to also have a big, beautiful high-definition display. You don’t have to live without innovative features like Google Now or deal with a comparatively tiny screen to have a gorgeous piece of hardware like the iPhone 5. You don’t have to carry a huge, clunky handset like the Lumia 920 to enjoy a fresh user interface that positions real-time content updates at the forefront. With the HTC One, you can have Apple-quality hardware, a Samsung-quality display, one of the most refined versions of Android in the world and an all-around outstanding user experience all rolled up into one single smartphone. HTC might have launched the One X+, One X, One S and other One-branded smartphones last year, but this is the first handset truly worthy of the “One” moniker. I have been carrying the global 3G version of the HTC One for more than two weeks and now I’ve had the AT&T (T) version, the subject of this review, for the past few days. (AT&T’s version of the HTC One launches on April 19th starting at $199.99.) First and foremost, the HTC One is a masterpiece in terms of design as well as fit and finish. HTC has once again built a sleek and sturdy unibody aluminum case to house its new flagship phone. A plastic insert runs around the perimeter of the handset and holds things like the microUSB charging port, volume rocker, audio jack and power button. The face of the phone consists of a large sheet of Gorilla Glass that spills over the sides and maintains the lines created by the polished chamfered bezel. The aluminum enclosure extends above and below the glass on the front of the handset to cover the “BoomSound” speakers, sensors and a front-facing camera. The back of the case on the HTC One is convex aluminum that houses a camera, an LED flash, a secondary microphone for noise cancellation, and branding. The end result is a device that is remarkably sleek and comfortable to hold despite being quite large at 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 millimeters. The 9.3-millimeter dimension is deceiving though, because the sides of the phone taper in. The One is much thinner at its edges than it is at its center and doesn’t feel thick at all while being held.For more information, please visit cheap smartphones

Is a cord free mp3 player and a klout perk enough to save Walkman 402

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Canadian consumers could soon face higher prices on electronics like TVs and iPods because it’s going to be all but impossible for importers to exempt the products from a controversial tariff, a major electronics maker warns. Importers are being asked to jump through too many hoops in order to qualify for a special exemption from the tariff on the popular products, said Mark Trylinski, logistics director at Sony of Canada. Trylinski — who predicted a price spike of about five per cent — said companies may eventually decide the customs duties that are imposed on some items mean it no longer makes financial sense to import them. The Canada Border Services Agency has ruled that importers who use the special tariff classification must get certificates from the end users — consumers, in most cases — that certify the product will be used with a computer. The Customs Act states that the verification certificates should be signed and show “the user’s name, address and occupation and indicate the actual use made of the commercial goods.” The exemption has also been interpreted to apply only to devices in “continuous use” with computers, which means iPods and other MP3 players are unlikely to qualify. “What that would mean is that if you go into, for example, Future Shop or Best Buy, and you were to purchase an MP3 player, you would in essence have to provide your private information and sign a certificate that states that you would be using this product in accordance with the code,” Trylinski said in an interview. “As a consumer, CBSA would have the right to come into your home and validate your use of this particular piece of equipment.” But that’s not all, Trylinski said: the exemption rules also require that importers retain the certificates and verify over time that the device is still being used in accordance with the rules.luoqiyin666

“I would have to get it from the actual store itself, maintain it, and in addition to that, verify that you are continuing to use it and have not diverted it in any way over a period of time.” The border agency wrote to Trylinski last November indicating Sony would be required to pay what amounts to back taxes on previously imported televisions. The letter also makes it clear the requirement would not only apply to televisions, “but also any other goods that have been accounted under (the tariff) and for which no certificate or other record signed by the user of the commercial goods are available.” In other words, anything imported under the special tariff classification provision without an end-user certificate. The federal government points to the exemption as proof there’s no such thing as a so-called “iPod tax,” but Trylinski said it simply isn’t going to be practical for importers to apply for it, given the requirements. Since most importers are unlikely to comply with those requirements, customers will likely end up paying more, Trylinski said. “One of the key points for consumers to be aware of is that this will increase the cost to the end consumer,” he said. “And it will probably reduce the assortment of goods that they have available to them.” The “iPod tax” issue is politically embarrassing for the Conservative government. It was the Conservatives who attacked the NDP in 2010 for the suggestion of a tax on the popular portable music players. Sony is part of a group known as Canadian Importers 9948 Fair Treatment Coalition that has lobbied the government over the tariff issue. The Lobbying Commissioner’s registry shows the group has had 11 “communications” with MPs and senior officials since December. Lawyer Claudia Feldkamp of Fasken Martineau, who represents the group, said she remains hopeful the agency will yield on the tariff issue. No one from the Canada Border Services Agency was immediately available to comment. The agency did issue a statement last week on the tariff treatment of MP3 players, pointing out that MP3 players were eligible for tariff relief. “Customs duty will be relieved on those imported goods that meet the requirements of tariff item 9948.00.00.” However, importers who do not meet those requirements are not likely to eat those added tariff costs, Feldkamp said. “For the most part, these are going to be costs that are not going to be borne by the manufacturers,” she said.For more information, please visit mp4 music player

Kid’s Wall Sticker Murals, Decals, Wall Sayings, Letters and Wallpaper Borders 405

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Wall stickers, decals, murals and graphic wall scene setters are easy to use, inexpensive, and so much FUN! Use wall stickers or decals, with your child’s favorite TV show characters on them, as party decorations and they will “Set the Scene” for your theme! Use wall decals, stickers, murals, or scene setters in your child’s bedroom or game room with some fresh paint for a new look! The scene setters and wall decals are affordable and easy to use. The “peel and stick” wall murals are GIANT pictures and run higher in cost, but are BIG and BOLD! Make your child’s Birthday extra special with these reusable decals! These removable, peel and stick wall stickers come off the wall just as easily as they go on. Wall stickers make a great party decoration and then can be removed and used in your child’s bedroom, after the party is over. luoqiyin666

Top: NEW! Cinderella Glamour – Wall Graphic Stickers Add sparkle to your girl’s Princess-themed bedroom with this Cinderella Glamour wall decal set! Moms will love how easy RoomMates are to apply and remove. Our decals are reusable and some of the decals even glow in the dark! Match these with our other coordinates in our Disney Cinderella or Disney Princess wall collection that includes: wallpaper, borders, murals, and wall sticker decals.For more information, please visit wall stickers for kids

Board of Supervisors heat up debate over police policy on surveillance cameras 230

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

The Police Department has since 2010 routinely required business owners to install surveillance cameras in order to receive permits to sell alcohol, but suddenly the Board of Supervisors has begun voting against the condition. On Thursday, a board committee approved two liquor licenses, but not before shooting down the surveillance requirement at the urging of Supervisor Scott Wiener. The vote came three days after Wiener publicly criticized the requirement in two permit cases. Amid his objections, Wiener emphasized that he is not philosophically opposed to cameras and supports them in some situations. In this case, one permit is for Nosa Ria, a Spanish market at 500 Laguna St. in Hayes Valley, and another is for a ballroom at 820 26th St. in the Bayview district. These permits will next need approval by the full board. “It’s a pretty significant thing to mandate that a private business owner put up a surveillance camera,” Wiener said, adding that the market is the “exact opposite of some kind of rowdy nightclub or bar where people are going in and getting drunk and really bad things are happening.” “This is a specialty grocery store that’s asking to sell imported wines, sherries and ciders from Spain,” he said. Officer Gordon Shyy defended the surveillance condition for the market, saying, “They are subject to crimes as well.”luoqiyin666

Shyy said the department began recommending surveillance in 2010 as the technology became affordable for small-business owners. He said the cameras can help solve crimes and reduce liability for merchants. Wiener also has suggested that the Police Department is effectively implementing a citywide policy in a crafty way — these permits come up for approval on a case-by-case basis — noting that in 2010, the department had proposed a citywide requirement of surveillance in all entertainment venues and bars, along with the scanning of patrons’ IDs. It was shelved amid opposition. Shyy said while “most, if not all, applications” in recent years have included the surveillance condition, the Police Department does not have an official policy but weighs numerous factors, such as the area’s density and crime statistics. The debate has surfaced now because the DNA Lounge nightclub has blogged this month about feeling pressured by police and city officials to install cameras. Wiener said a resident of his district alerted him to the issue and so he began to look into it. Wiener said he and Supervisor David Campos plan to request a hearing into the matter during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.For more information, please visit hd surveillance camera

Verizon starts $199 BlackBerry Z10 pre-orders March 14 59

Friday, April 19th, 2013

BlackBerry is gearing up for a big March in the US: Verizon has announced pre-orders to start for the Z10 handset on March 14. The phone will cost $199.99 with contract and be available in either black or a Verizon exclusive white color. In an updated press release, Verizon says the phone will be available online and in retail stores on March 28. The news from Verizon was announced not long after BlackBerry itself published a press release, saying it had received it’s largest handset order from a single company in history: one million BlackBerry Z10′s were purchased from an unnamed company. Given Verizon’s solid support for BlackBerry in the past, it could be that unnamed partner. Verizon has previously said it intends to sell the BlackBerry Q10, a device with touchscreen and hardware keyboard, but there are no additional details about that phone. BlackBerry executives have said that the Q10 is being tested by US carriers and the company is hopeful to see the phone launch in April.For more information, please visit used cell phones for sale

comScore Apple increases lead as top US smartphone maker, Samsung gains; Android down second month in a row 195

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

In the US, Apple started 2013 as the top OEM and it has only further increased its lead in February. Samsung is gaining as well, but not quite as quickly. Rounding out the top five are HTC, Motorola, and LG, all of which lost share. In the platform space, Google is still first courtesy of Android, Apple is second with iOS, but the latter is gaining on the former. In fact, Apple’s gains in the hardware space have been so large recently that not only did iOS gain significantly but Android has taken a hit for the second month running. Again, rounding out the top five are BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Symbian. The latest data comes from comScore, which as usual surveyed over 30,000 mobile subscribers in the US. The analytics firm says 133.7 million Americans owned smartphones (57 percent mobile market penetration) in January, up 8 percent since November. As you can see, Apple gained 3.9 percentage points in terms of smartphone subscribers (from 35.0 percent to 38.9 percent) while Samsung jumped 1.0 percentage points (from 20.3 percent to 21.3 percent). HTC fell 1.7 points (from 11.0 percent to 9.3 percent), Motorola dropped 1.1 points (from 9.5 percent to 8.4 percent), and LG dipped 0.2 points (from 7.0 percent to 6.8 percent). Samsung and Apple gained a combined 4.9 points while the other three lost 3.0 points together. In other words, the duo continues to steal share from OEMs even not in the top five, at least in the US. It appears that the iPhone 5 is helping keep Apple ahead, while Samsung is still managing to push forward. With the Galaxy S4 announced but not available till April, we don’t expect Samsung to outgain Apple before the device hits the market. HTC’s continued losses don’t surprise us, and it seems that the company is pretty much betting everything on its One device. Google meanwhile still hasn’t figured out what to do with Motorola, and LG’s bleeding has restarted again, despite the Nexus 4. Samsung’s gains are simply not enough anymore to offset the losses of other Android makers as well as Apple’s iPhone 5 push. Google lost 2.0 percentage points between November and February (down from 53.7 percent to 51.7 percent). Apple meanwhile increased its share by 3.9 percentage points (moving from 35.0 percent to 38.9 percent, which happens to be identical to the figure for its smartphone share). BlackBerry was down 1.9 points (from 7.3 percent to 5.3 percent), Microsoft gained 0.2 points (from 3.0 percent to 3.2 percent), and Symbian seems to have hit rock bottom at 0.5 percent. BlackBerry has only just celebrated its BlackBerry 10 launch in the US, so we won’t see an improvement till later as the company continues to be the biggest loser in these studies, month after month. At the same time, we said last month that Microsoft’s fall appeared to be slowing, “suggesting it may finally start gaining soon with Windows Phone” and it appears that may have finally happened – though it’s too early to tell. We don’t expect Google’s drop to continue (the One and S4 will likely bring a rebound). The Android-iOS duopoly in the US is still solid at 90.6 percent market share, however, and a disruption is more than overdue.For more information, please visit unlocked gsm smartphones